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Hey, Stanley here aGeorge The Affiliatend I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out my site dedicated to affiliate marketing.

I have been affiliate marketing for 10 years now, and I just love to be affiliate marketer. I enjoyed the freedom that it give me. Doing what I like to do at the time convenient to me is just something impossible to me when I was having my regular 9-5 job just like more people doing now.

Before I become a full time internet affiliate marketer, I was an engineer with MNC and know nothing about internet affiliate marketing. Going through the recession few years back make me realized that there is no job security or what so ever if you always work for some one or some company. I see so many of my peers losing their jobs during the bad time. Those in the age of 40s, 50s would probably see a very difficult time ahead of them.  I told myself I don’t want that to happen to me in future. But how?? I started to google around and come across internet affiliate marketing and my new journey starts from there! And Thanks to Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon, I’m now living comfortably as full time affiliate marketer!

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    Alright alright alright that’s exactly what I nedeed!

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